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Fresh Start Program

Beginning late fall 2017, early winter 2018 we are starting a Fresh Start Program. We realize that there are many factors in one's life that can cause homelessness, joblessness, depression, divorce, and instability in many other areas of life. Sometimes it's the bad choices that we make causes one to end up at a dead end road with nowhere to turn. Other times we may become a victim of circumstances, thereby leading to no way out.

Many teens drop out of high school with no one to turn to. Too many young teens leave foster care homes after turning 18 with no one to turn to; some end up on the streets committing crimes, in and out of jail. This program will give adults and teens alike a hand up and a fresh start.

Below are the classes and goals of the FRESH START PROGRAM:

  • Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.” PROVERBS 16:3
  • Bible study class
  • Know that God is on your side
  • Know oneself first
  • Restore self pride and confidence
  • Restore ability to become truthful with oneself
  • Learn how to keep healthy positive relationships
  • Self Guide to think before you act
  • Restore self control and self discipline
  • Set short and long term goals
  • Financial Budgeting and planning, as needed
  • Resume writing and job hunting
  • Never give up on your dreams
  • Certificate of completion & Fresh Start!
  • Job Interview and the process, as needed
  • Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.” PROVERBS 16:3

This program is self paced, in that some students may not need all the classes within the curriculum and may receive their certificate of completion early. However, our unique program is designed and curtailed for 4 weeks to completion.

Our FRESH START program is free of charge; All the classes are taught free of charge by our team of professional volunteers. If you are within the Chatham, Bryan, Bullock, are any other regionally local county within Georgia please feel free to contact us for our FRESH START upcoming schedule. Online classes will be offered late 2018, thereby reaching out to more people.

Here at World Changing Ministries, we are dedicated to the betterment of humanity. We are here to do the will of God and serve the people within our community, within our State and across the world, as we grow in due time. Within our modern society God has empowered us and given us all the means that we need to satisfy his commandments. We pray and hope through our fundraising, and donations we will change lives for the betterment of the people that go through our program and Society at large.