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Homeless Assistance

Here at World Changing Ministries, we are dedicated to the betterment of humanity. We are here to do the will of God and serve the people within our community, within our State and across the world, in due time. Within our modern society God has empowered us and given us all the means that we need to satisfy his commandments. We pray and hope through our fundraising, and donations we will change lives for the betterment of the people Society at large.

Our homeless assistance program is setup to provide temporary lodging. We feel that putting someone up for a while does bring them into safety. However, through our homeless assistance program we try to find out the root of the problem address that, and hopefully provide assistance and guidance. Homeless shelters are a revolving door, and many times homeless people return to their old habits, the cause of them becoming homeless in the first place; i.e drugs, alcohol, bad choices, crime, bad relations, etc. Also, in many cases a person just want to get away from an abusive relation, we are here to help you.

We are in Desperate need for funds! If you are reading this and can afford to give us a financial donation. Please take out your credit or debit card, go to our donation page, click on donations and send to us. Please keep in mind, any and all donations goes to those in need. We reserve between 5%-10% of the financial donations we receive for over head. We are all volunteers, no one here receive any form of payment!